Moravian autumn
17. 10. 2023

Moravian autumn

The Moravian Autumn Festival ranks among the most important cultural events in the Czech Republic. It was founded as the Brno International Music Festival in 1966, when the activities of Brno's artistic institutions were regaining an international dimension after years of rigid isolation, and the first year of the festival already had a very positive response.

ROsound provides all technical production of the festival.

Moravian Autumn invites to Brno orchestras that have so far passed Europe by, chamber ensembles belonging to the world's top ensembles, soloists gracing the world's stages. The festival seeks new and interesting dramaturgical lines, addresses living authors, draws attention to young and talented performers and gives them the opportunity to excel.

The theme of this year's 52nd edition was ANGELOI - ANCHORS or Parallel Histories of Music. According to the philosopher Yakov Druskin, a herald, angelos in Greek, is a being who lives in a parallel world and whose life passes in stillness. It is not a monotonous, empty or boring life, because monotony, emptiness and boredom come from time, which does not exist in the parallel world. The heralds are not burdened by time and feel eternity (Vítězslav Mikeš - festival dramaturg).

"It was a challenge for us to connect very diverse authorial ideas about the technical realization of individual concerts, which we had to technically design and then realize within the festival.Each of the concerts was very specific and it was necessary to be very creative in technical matters. We are happy that we could contribute with our services to the success of the whole project". RADEK ODEHNAL, ceo.





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