Technical Production


Our job includes, but is not limited to, providing the most up-to-date technology and equipment. We care deeply about the whole production process – from communicating expectations, through budget management, to the final realisation of the event – we value clear and effective communication to avoid misunderstandings and wasting of resources. We are ready to provide solutions for your event to run smoothly and to help you create an experience of a remarkable quality. Let’s bring your vision to life together.

and communication
Effective communication with the client and a proper plan are key for us in execution of every project. We'll listen to you attentively, with the goal to fulfil your wishes and requirements to our best ability. Our team’s expertise and management skills are of assistance to you at every step in the beginning stages of event planning.
of the event
Based on mutual communication we create a complete technical solution proposal in the form of 3D visualisation. All details will be clarified and discussed with the client before the actual installation and implementation process.
and execution process
Our project managers will be available to you throughout the whole process of execution of your project. Everything takes place according to a time schedule that is prepared and approved of in advance.
and feedback
Our job is your satisfaction. After the event we’d love to hear your feedback to evaluate the whole process and make it more efficient and successful for potential future cooperation. We tailor-make our services and adjust the details for each of our clients. Looking forward to our future collaborations - What experience would you like to create next?

good repute creates noise, but quality service is what creates value.

We combine expertise and management skills. We are experts in current trends and technical possibilities.

  • we listen to our clients with the aim to fulfil their wishes and meet their requirements
  • creative solutions + budget management
  • team of professionals and technicians qualified to address every challenge with utmost care, and industry standard

Tailor-made technical solutions.

Individual approach to every project

Designing and realising projects that are conceptually well balanced

  • accommodating approach to clients
  • profesionální tým techniků
  • careful preparation of every detail



And bring your ideas to life.