We offer you quality technology and experience – ROsound – ensures balanced coverage of the targeted space with clear sound at an appropriate volume, as a standard service.

  • intelligible spoken word distribution – we are glad to meet high standards of artists from all over the world
  • transmission of sound signal to multiple rooms
  • multiple track recordings
  • sound for live streaming
  • sound distribution using the latest digital technologies
  • sound engineering for concerts, music festivals, fashion shows and sport events
  • sound engineering for social and corporate events, conventions, conferences and banquets
  • scene design, 3D visualisation custom-making of decoration
  • sound design (drama and musical theatre productions, shows)



We provide current top-tier technology that is regularly serviced and updated, as well as supplemented with new pieces of equipment to ensure perfect aesthetic and sonic experience.

Digital Mixing Boards


    Standard and reliability. YAMAHA CL5 2x mixing consoles + 2X RIO3224-D + 2X RIO3224-D2.
  • waves soundgriD
    Waves WSG-Y16 V2 SGCard YamahaWaves Soundgrid Impact Server 
    Eclipse is a powerful mixing and recording console with the ability to adapt to any situation and requirements. It can be used in FOH, or for monitoring. It is equipped with a powerful DSP, which allows for simultaneous mixing of 104 inputs to 48 output buses from all 320 available inputs and outputs from the console and from the audio rack. Integrated M.A.R.S. system allows for digital recording directly from the mixing console.

Kvalita převodníků InnovaSON je na první poslech pohlazením na uchu. S radostí tuto konzoli využíváme pro produkce náročné na velmi vysokou kvalitu zvuku.

    HDD recording and playback system, which is a part of the Innovason Eclipse mixing console. Records and plays up to 64 tracks simultaneously. System for 128 audio tracks. Easy operation directly via the touch screen and from the Eclipse panel. M.A.R.S allows you to record 64 tracks directly to the hard drive on the back of the console. Navigation buttons and time code display are located directly on the console for easy control of recording and playback.


Standards remain, but innovation never ends.

PA System


  • NEXO GEO M10 – line array system
    24x speakers – possibility to divide into 2 independent systems.
    GEO M10 line array – high-performance long-throw sound system ideal for live productions and theaters. An unprecedented ratio of deep frequencies, given the size of the box in the class of medium-sized line arrays. The M10 cabinet builds on the structural and acoustic innovations introduced in the pioneering NEXO STM modular line array, particularly the STM M28.

    The entire system is complemented by powerful NEXO NXAMP amplifiers in the most powerful 4×4 version including DANTE cards. The entire system, from the input to the stage box, the mixing desk, to the loudspeakers, is fully digital, controlled via the Dante network.
  • NEXO GEO S8 – line array system
    16x speakers. System that is great for sound distribution at events such as company parties or concerts in theatres.
    • NEXO STM S118 / subbass
      10 x subwoofers. Unique subwoofer Nexo STM S 118. The base of the subwoofer is a 3000W 18″ neodymium driver.
      Bandpass load  zajišťuje na výstupu srovnatelné SPL s konvenčními duálními 18″ subbasy.
      12x NEXO PS15R2, 6x NEXO PS10R2, 4x NEXO PS10, 4x NEXO PS8 The PS series offers a complete range of speakers from small 8″ speakers to 15″ boxes with an asymmetrical rotating top.



    World’s leading sound system manufacturer


    From sound systems in small club venues to large sound systems in concert halls, The NEXO brand is a guarantee of reliability, great variability and top sound clarity, that will meet even the most exacting demands of performing bands.




    ROsound Company offers you imaginative and creative lighting using conventional and state-of-the-art LED lights.

    ROsound Company offers you imaginative and creative lighting using conventional and state-of-the-art LED lights.

    • creative lighting using conventional, as well as state-of-the-art LED lights.
    • custom lighting design solutions for your event
    • effect lighting for concerts and festivals of all genres
    • effect and conventional interior lighting (conferences, congresses, social and corporate events…)
    • lighting for exhibitions and car showrooms
    • lighting for large mobile tents
    • lighting of entrance areas, buildings and interiors (banquets, gala dinners, grand openings, corporate
    • events…)
    • effect and conventional lighting for fashion and variety shows
    • theatre light design (drama, musical, open-air shows)
    • lighting of accompanying programs and corporate events
    • lighting of buildings and structures
    • projection of custom gobos (company logos placed in lights in motion)
    • 3D projection of logos



    rental of mobile stages

    outdoor covered stages of various sizes

    runway stages for fashion shows



    barrier-free access ramps

    We use a certified system from the German company Nivtec. Its greatest qualities are variability and flexibility. The system can be installed in any required size and can be supplemented with a large number of components (stairs, railings, barrier-free access ramps,..).The height of the stage can be assembled from 20 cm to 2 m, including the possibility of installation on uneven terrain.

    We offer:

    • rental of mobile stages
    • outdoor covered stages of various sizes
    • runway stages for fashion shows
    • dancefloors
    • grandstands
    • barrier-free access ramps

    Individual segments are available in sizes of 2x1m, 1x1m, 0.5x2m, 0.5x1m.

    All used components and assemblies are certified and regularly tested in professional testing laboratories.

    Video & LED


    LED panels

    front and rear projection screens

    video projectors and data projectors

    plasma panels

    plasma video walls

    ROSOUND Company provide a clear, sharp vibrant image, distinct and vivid even in daylight, or when the screen is in direct sunlight.


    • high-quality, high-contrast image even in daylight and sunny weather
    • short minimum viewing distance
    • authenticity of colours, sharpness, brightness and contrast of the image
    • perfect fidelity of the moving image


    • exterior and interior
    • festivals and individual concerts
    • promo corporate events, presentation events, seminars, trainings, fashion shows sports,
      cultural and social events in squares, stadiums or halls,
      exhibitions and trade shows, election meetings, advertising, conferences and other social events