About us


deals with technical support for social and corporate events, such as congresses, conferences, exhibitions of new products, receptions, banquets, etc.

For 15 years, we have been providing professional services in the field of complete technical production of events, concerts, music festivals, and sports events.

We offer

  • Complete technical production of cultural and social events.
  • Technical and professional guidance in the process of preparation and realisation of tailor-made events.
  • Technical production of events, corporate events, concerts, festivals.
  • Equipment rental.
  • Team of qualified professionals.


Our experience

Long-term collaboration with leading Czech performers and productions.

  • VOJTěCH DYK & B SIDE BAND, ŠPORCL Arts Agency, Český rozhlas, Filharmonie Brno, Ogilvy, Městské divadlo Brno, and others…

We participate in the production + offer technical services for important cultural and social events. (see portfolio)

seasoned professionals + renowned company = top-tier quality and responsible approach is essential for us at every moment.


You speak, we listen…

Planning and communication are the key pillars in realisation of every project that we partake in.

Our job includes, but is not limited to, providing the most up-to-date technology and equipment. However, we care deeply about the whole production process – from communicating expectations, through budget management, to the final realisation of the event. We value clear and effective communication to avoid misunderstandings and wasting of resources. We are ready to provide solutions for your event to run smoothly, and to help you create an experience of a remarkable quality.

Let’s bring your vision to life together.

  • discussing expectations thoroughly beforehand
  • creative solutions + budget management
  • team of professionals and technicians qualified to address every challenge with utmost care, and industry standard